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Online Post Request Test

Online http post interface request testing tool, similar to the online postman tool, can be used for simple http post API interface test verification.
Format: Use URL request format, such as b=uuhhh&c=iiiwww&e=kkkfff
Online post interface request test description:
1. For the post request test, you must enter the request URL and Post parameters. Optionally, click the POST button to test the Headers and Cookies.
2. Request test results, including response content (Body), request and response headers, response cookies
3. Post parameter format, specify the post parameter type, and the server will parse the corresponding format according to the parameter format (Content-Type); the most commonly used parameter format application/x-www-form-urlencoded, that is, KEY=VLAUE form, The format is "a=b&c=d", application/json is also the common json parameter transfer format
4. The default specified interface of the tool encodes the response content according to utf-8 and returns it

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