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Online CheckSum Calculator

Online checksum verification, online calculation tool, 8-bit accumulation checksum tool, can be used for accumulation and checksum algorithm verification
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Accumulation and checksum online verification tool:
1) Accumulation and checksum verification algorithms, different algorithms may be used in different fields, and there are subtle differences in algorithms
2) This tool uses a simple accumulation and calculation method to divide the decimal string by 8 bits and accumulate each 8-bit value to obtain a checksum;
     If the value of the checksum exceeds the FF in hexadecimal, that is, 255, its complement is required as the checksum
3) For example, 01 12 45 30 22 11, add the 8-bit values to obtain the checksum bb
4) For example, 01 12 45 30 22 11 cc, after adding the 8-bit values, the result is greater than 255, and after the twos are complemented, the checksum is 79
5) The checksum checksum algorithm is inconsistent, and the result may be different. Other checksum algorithms are added later, such as 8-bit checksum, 16-bit checksum, IP/TCP/UDP header checksum algorithm in the communication field

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