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Adler32 checksum calculator

Online adler32 checksum algorithm verification tool can be used for adler32 daily coding algorithm verification, often used in ZooKeeper, ZIP encoding.
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Adler-32 is a simple checksum algorithm, this algorithm is faster than the CRC algorithm, but the security is not as good as CRC; Adler32 algorithm makes a trade-off between security and speed.

Adler-32 is realized by solving two 16-bit values A and B, and concatenating the results into a 32-bit integer; A is the sum of each byte in the string, and B is the stage of each step when A is added The sum of the values.
When Adler-32 starts running, A is initialized to 1, then each byte value is added, B is initialized to 0, and then the value of A in the first step is added, and the final checksum must be modulo 65521, Perform B<<16+A to get the checksum.

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