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UTF8 Encode and Decode

The online UTF-8 encoding converter can convert text into UTF8 encoding, and also convert UTF encoded characters into English, letters, etc., which are not the unicode Chinese character code points converted by most tools.
UTF-8 encoding is a variable-length character encoding of Unicode and an implementation of Unicode, also known as the universal code; UTF8 uses 1 to 4 bytes for each character encoding, which is relative to the fixed four bytes of Unicode Length saves storage space. The corresponding relationship between UTF-8 byte length and Unicode code point is as follows:
        One byte (0x00-0x7F) -> U+00~U+7F
        Two bytes (0xC280-0xDFBF) -> U+80~U+7FF
        Three bytes (0xE0A080-0xEFBFBF) -> U+800~U+FFFF
        Four bytes (0xF0908080-0xF48FBFBF) -> U+10000~U+10FFFF
        The characters U+0000 to U+007F (ASCII) are encoded as bytes 0×00 to 0x7F (ASCI II compatible). This means that files containing only 7-bit ASCIl characters are the same in both ASCI II and UTF-8 encoding methods.
        All characters greater than 0x007F are encoded as a string with multiple bytes, each byte has a set of mark bits, and common Chinese characters are basically encoded into three bytes.

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