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Pomodoro Timer

Online Pomodoro Timer, the management tool of Pomodoro Technique, can achieve similar functions of Pomodoro APP and Tick Pomodoro clock, and can realize sound and animation reminders.

Rest Time


Task Duration


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Pomodoro Timer, an online management tool for Pomodoro Techniques
Implementation principle:
Follow the Pomodoro Technique to achieve this, usually divide the day's work into multiple Pomodoro tasks (generally 25 minutes of task time), focus on the task during the task, and not be affected by the outside world, until the end of the Pomodoro task, the alarm sounds; take a short break (usually 5 minutes), and then enter the next Pomodoro task; every 4 Pomodoro task periods, you can take a break to improve work efficiency and get a sense of work accomplishment.

1) Set task working time and rest time
2) Click "Start Task" to enter the first Pomodoro task
3) After the task is over, the voice prompt will automatically sound and enter the rest time automatically
4) After the break time is over, the voice prompt will automatically sound and enter the next Pomodoro task automatically
5) During the task and break, due to unwilling interruption, you can click to pause and resume

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