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24 game solver,make 24

The online 24 solver tool provides make 24, 24 games online, 24 solver, and 24 games on mobile phones; it can play 24 points online, and it can also help offline 24 point games to calculate and verify 24 point results.
24 point solver online:
      The 24 point game is a very popular math game, a puzzle game for adults, the elderly, and children. The 24-point calculation game is a calculation game in which four integers are added, subtracted, multiplied, divided, and bracketed to make the final calculation result equal to 24; during the 24-point calculation process, human intelligence and mathematical mental ability can be cultivated .
      24 point calculation game, in reality, usually playing cards are used to play the game, the queen is drawn from a deck, and the remaining 52 cards (4 groups of 1-13 cards) are played, 4 cards are drawn each time For cards, add, subtract, multiply, and divide (brackets can be added) to calculate the number on the board as 24, the first to wait until the correct result is the winner; in the 24-point calculation process, usually need to calculate 3, 8, 4 first , 6, 12, and then multiply, add, subtract, etc. to the final result.
      24 point online solver tool, you can play 24 points online, use the "deal card" button to generate 4 random numbers, just like the deal, then calculate the 24 point result by each mental calculation, use the "24 point calculation" button to verify the calculation result Whether the amount is correct; it can also help the offline 24 point poker game, verify the final result, and solve the situation that can not be calculated.
      Make 24 game, support mobile phone online 24 point game, PC online 24 point game, mobile phone 24 point game best display effect.

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