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Random number generator

Online random number generator, which can randomly generate random numbers within a specified range, and can be applied to scenes such as two-color balls, lotteries, games, etc.
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Random number description:
1) Random numbers are the result of a special random experiment. There are many different methods for generating random numbers. These methods are called random number generators. The most important feature of random numbers is that it generates a number that is not related to the previous number.
2) Real random numbers are generated by using physical phenomena, such as coin tossing, front and back of playing cards, dice tossing, noise using electronic components, etc. This random number generator is called a physical random number generator. Their disadvantage is the high technical requirements.
3) It is sufficient to use pseudo-random numbers in actual scenarios. These sequences are “as if” random numbers, which are actually generated by a fixed and repeatable calculation method. They are not real random numbers, because they can get the same random number after multiple calculations, but they have statistical characteristics similar to random numbers. This kind of generator is called a pseudo-random number generator.

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