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Compress JPG Images

Online JPG image compression, image compressor, provide free image compression tools, local image compression tools, efficient compression of pictures, protect the privacy of compressed pictures.
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1) This image compression tool uses open source community algorithms to compress images and photos. Under the condition of ensuring image quality and losslessness, it provides a 30-50% image compression rate, reducing image storage volume and reducing transmission bandwidth usage.
2) This image compressor uses the browser's local calculations and does not upload the image to the Internet, reducing the waiting time for image upload, and quickly compressing the image online.
3) This picture compression uses local calculation to ensure the privacy of picture data, safe and efficient.
4) Free image compression, using open source algorithms, free for everyone to use online, easy to use and fast.
5) This picture compressor supports compression of pictures and photos in jpg format, and can convert the output format to jpg and png.

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